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    Laser engraving & laser cutting of wood

    Wood is a perfect material for laser engraving and laser cutting. Through the combined heat of the laser beam, individual layers of the wood surface can be removed cleanly. Laser cutting complex wooden templates, creates precise edges and thus perfect cutting results. As a result delicate cuts and engravings can also be produced, which is not possible with other methods such as working with saws and milling machines. Furthermore there are no troublesome wood chips formed in the laser processing. Post-processing is not necessary.



    Lasergravur und Laserschneiden von Holz Lasergravur Holz Holz-Visitenkarte


    Functionality of laser engaving and laser cutting of wood

    When cutting wood, the laser beam produces an average gap in the material and a temperature rise above the sublimation level of wood. Thereby evaporated wood emerges as smoke and the heat applied dissipates. As a result, the surrounding material is only slightly affected by the heat. Depending on the type of wood a slightly brownish colored cutting edge is produced. The processing time depends on the particular wood properties. Such as (density, resin content, etc) decisively influence the result of the processing.

    In laser engraving of wood, the texture of the wood plays an important role as it affects the color and depth of the engraving. An engraving on poplar or birch wood is relatively light in color and has a very subtle appearance due to the low contrast. Beech or oak, however, provide very dark engraving results. With a subsequent coating the engraving can be highlighted even more.

    Generally low-fiber with a relatively uniform grain such as beech, cherry and poplar provide very good and crisp engraving results. Less suitable for the engraving are fiber-rich and highly grained woods such as bamboo.

    Much like the engraving, scribing is also possible on wood. Only one continuous line is burned into the wood. Scribing works very similarly to laser cutting, however, with much less laser energy. The scribing is particularly suitable for large designs with clean lines. As to how your electronic template should look like, we explain to you here.


    Lasergravur Birke Lasergravur Eiche Lasergravur Nussbaum


    Applications for laser engraving and laser cutting of wood

    Wood provides unprecedented opporunities as a versatile material in combination with laser engraving and laser cutting. Thus, quotes, names, photos or logos are applied through laser engraving on photo frames, cutting boards, table tops and guitars. Particularly impressive results can be achieved with veneered and lacquered wooden objects such as our compass in wooden box. The uppermost paint or veneer layer is removed so that the underlying layer is exposed.

    Through laser cutting, product pieces such as parts for toys, decorations, souvenirs, Christmas decoration, tools, achitectural models and marquery can be made fast, flexible and precise. The wood is refined by a high-quality laser engraving and laser cutting.


    Gitarre mit Gravur Lasergravur Intarsien Lasergravur Furnier


    Advantages of laser engraving and laser cutting of wood

    • quick and clean chip-less processing
    • filigree and precise cuttings
    • no time and money consuming postprocessing such as filing, polishing, etc.
    • no acquisition costs for jig saw, coping saw, mechanical fret saw, milling cutter, etc.
    • no expensive set up cost, in contrast to milling