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    UV printing

    UV print

    In addition to the laser engraving we offer you UV print as technique to individualize and personalize your gifts and promotional products. The printing method is realizable in almost all materials and shows fascinating results even on structured and flexible materials. In contrast to traditional printing methods the ink does not air dry but is cured with ultraviolet light directly after application. That is why the UV printer does neither needs solvents nor thinner. Without using solvent there are no volatile organic compounds released in the air resulting in a better environment for all of us. The colour film does not penetrate the material but lays on the surface, which is why you will get perfect printing results for almost every material. 



    In contrast to the durable laser engraving, UV printing is not protected from mechanical stress. In the outdoor area UV printing has a durability of 2 to 3 years. But the UV printing offers various possibilities for your design ideas that go far beyond a simple printing of products. By printing with varnish and the colour white impressive effects can be created: That is why even on dark or transparent materials high-contrasted and colour brilliant prints can be produced. Transparent varnish prints additionally refine already printed products and generate a haptic effect.


    UV-Druck auf Sperrholz UV-Druck auf Leder UV-Druck auf Edelstahl


    Personalizing via UV printing

    Via UV printing numerous objects and gift articles can be designed with an individual printing. We can easily print your colourful logo on your business and promotional gifts, generate in combination with laser cutting unusual displays and trophies made of acrylic or create one of a kind brochures with structural effect. With the high definition of the UV printing even very small details and writings are perfectly visible.

    Advantages of UV printing

    The UV direct printing is great for the personalisation of all objects, on which a conventional engraving is not possible or does not generate the wished result. A postprocessing is not necessary. The short processing time allows for a promt production of a high amount of pieces. Because in contrast to many other printing methods the UV printing does not need any pre-press, single unit production is also possible for a very reasonable price. The UV printing offers also the possibility to print on objects that are high up to 10 cm. Therefore, you can print many objects of your daily life with an individual image.