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    Laser engraving & laser cutting of textiles

    Textiles are perfectly suitable for laser processing. Even complicated cutting patters are easy and precise realizable via laser cutting. Hereby the laser technology stands out because of the high processing speed and flexibility. With the laser cutting every design can be realised and a variety of different fabrics such as felt, cotton, silk and many more can be processed. The laser engraving of textiles offers various different possibilities, depending on the respective fabric. Thus, the laser can create light colour change on denim or engrave a noticable deepening on fleece. 


    Functionality of laser engraving and laser cutting of textiles

    With the laser engraving and laser cutting the laser heats up the fabric above its sublimation point and the heat will be lead away as smoke. Therefore, the surrounding material will not be damaged. The laser beam melts the cutting edges of synthetic fabrics such as polyester and creates absolutely lint-free and sealed edges. Organic fabrics, such as cotton or linen will also be cut clean and lint-free, but hereby light brownish cutting edges will occur. 

    Application for laser engraving and laser cutting of textiles

    The laser cutting of textiles is perfectly suitable for complicated and elaborate cutting patterns. Here, unusual materials such as fleece and kevlar can be processed without any problems. Besides the cutting of textiles, depending on the material it is possible to engrave logos, letterings or pictures on the respective fabric.

    Advantages of laser engraving and laser cutting of textiles

    • non-contact cuttings without shifting or tearing
    • lint-free, sealed cutting edges
    • quick and precise processing of various materials