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    Laser engraving of stone & ceramics

    The laser engraving of stone with our CO2 laser offers fascinating opportunities for your designs and gives you excellent engraving results. Especially suitable for the laser engraving are stone types such as slate, granite, marble and basalt. If you want to know, if we can implement your desired stone engraving, please use our contact sheet to make your request.



    Guidelines for laser engraving in stone

    When engraving stone, templates for processes such as sandblasting are not required. The laser engraving in stone is especially applicable on polished, preferable dark natural stone. The surface area of the stone will be slightly fused and removed. The more even and fine-grained the stone the better the engraving results. Best results will be acheived when engraving large surfaces. Unfortunately deep laser engravings in stone as well as laser cutting of stone are not possible. 


    Schieferplatte mit Gravur Plakette mit Gravur Stein mit Gravur


    Applications for laser engraving in stone

    For the laser engraving in stone polished, smooth and preferably even surfaces are most suitable. With that, it is possible to apply markings and inscriptions on floors, staircases and cladding sheets. Further, laser engravings are possible on wall tiles or kitchen counter tops. Typical fields of application are ornaments and letterings of tombstones and decorations. Even detailed photos, logos and images can be realised with laser engraving in stone.

    Advantages of laser engraving of stone:

    • clean and fast processing without template and dust
    • gentle on material, contactless processing and minimized risk of breakage
    • precise and filigree engraving results also with extensive engravings