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    Laser engraving & laser cutting of rubber for stamps

    Soft, mouldable materials such as rubber can be engraved and cut with our CO2 laser system. We can produce stamp rubbers with text, logos and even your own photos. 



    Functionality of laser engraving and laser cutting of rubber

    When applying laser engraving and laser cutting to stamp rubbers the upper layer of the material is removed via laser. The resulting dust will reliably suctioned and filtered with our exhaust system. If you decide to purchase the classic wooden stamp or the self inking Trodat stamp, you only need to design your desired print result. We invert the graphic and put them on your stamp the right way.

    Applications for laser engraving and laser cutting of rubber

    The laser engraving and the laser cutting of rubber is mainly used to produce stamp rubbers. For the stamp production there are different kinds of rubbers available. You can choose between odourless, ecolocial and oil-resistant rubbers or microporous foam.