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    Pricing at SIGNUU - individually and fair

    With laser engraving the processing time is strongly dependent on the size of the engraving surface area. The bigger the engraving area the more time the laser needs for the completion of the engraving. In order to provide you with a full utilization of all engraving areas and at the same time offer you fair prices, a price calculation dependent on the size of your engraving is integrated into our configurator tool. Therefore, you can decide about the size and maximum price of your engraving.

    No matter if you only wish for small initials or an extensive logo engraving – we always set up an individual price for you. By using our configurator you are always informed about the exact price for your engraving. You can also identify the costs for an engraving of your own product by clicking on “my product” in our configurator tool.

    According to the following scheme the final price for your engraving will be calculated:

    Price of product

    + 8,00 € for set-up product

    + 2,00 € for set-up design/engraving area

    + price of engraving according to size

    = final price for your personalized product