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    Laser engraving & laser cutting of paper & cardboard

    The laser cutting and laser engraving offers various possibilities for the processing of paper and cardboard. In contrast to conventional punching even filigree detailed designs can be created. Therefore, we can offer you paper cuttings and engravings even in small quantities for a reasonable price. You are looking for individual greeting cards, flyers, writing paper, tags or similar things? Then please use our contact form and we make you an individual offer.



    Lasergravur Fotokarton Lasergravur Papier Lasergravur Pappe


    Operation of laser engraving and laser cutting of paper

    With laser engraving and laser cutting of paper the laser beam produces, similar to the processing of wood, an increase in temperature above the sublimation temperature of paper. The therefore evaporated paper escapes as smoke and leads the applied warmth away. The surrounding material will not be damaged. The paper stays free from burned edges, even with filigree designs. In contrast to punching the contactless laser processing will not damage the material in any way. Thanks to our vakuum table we can also process very thin and wavy materials, that lie flat on the processing table due to the vacuum.

    Applications for laser engraving and laser cutting of paper

    The laser engraving and the laser cutting of paper is perfect for producting fine and precise geometries. Besides the cutting of filigree contours out of cards, covers and many more, we can also engrave folding edges, logos, letterings or pictures on paper.


    Lasergravur Wellpappe Laserschneiden Papier Laserschneiden Pappe


    Advantages of laser engraving and laser cutting of paper

    • Cutting edges without damages, as for example when punching
    • precise and clean cuttings with extremely fine contours
    • manifold opportunities for your design (folding edges, engravings, perforation, etc.)