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    How to order?

    1. Cart

    Choose the product you want to order by clicking the “add to cart” button. Your selection will be sent to your cart. If you designed an engraving for your product, you can check here again your design and correct it, when necessary. You can change your selection at any time until you submit your order. You can change the amount of products, delete your selection by checking the box “delete” or cancel the order process.

    2. Choose billing address

    If your already registered as a customer at SIGNUU, you can simply choose an already entered address. You can also move through the checkout as a guest. If you want to save time at your next order, just select the button "Create an account for later use" and you can simple simply log in at your next visit.

    Please be advised: We only use your telephone number to get in contact with you regarding your order. We will not share any personal customer data with third parties.

    3. Choose mailing address

    Please chose a mailing address from your address book or create a new address. To use a shipping address that is different from the billing address use "Ship to different address". We also send to Packstations.

    4. Select shipping method

    Select your requested shipping method. Every product can be ordered with standard-delivery-option or can be picked-up in our store. Assorted products can be ordered by express delivery. This option may not be available in your country.

    5. Select payment method

    Please select your requested payment method. Please be adviced that every engraving will be produced on costumer request.

    6. Finish order process / privacy policy / terms and conditions

    You will receive an order overview: selected products, shipping and billing address and your contact information. Please check your information and read our terms and conditions and the right to withdrawal. You can only proceed with your order if you agree to the terms and conditions and the right to withdrawal (check box). By selecting the “submit order” button you submit your order to us. Hereby you are submitting a legally binding offer.

    After the completion of your order you will receive an email to the email address given by you confirming your order.