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    SIGNUU Onevent - Mobile Lase Engraving on Your Event

    On-Site live engraving - The highlight on every event

    Leave an unforgettable and lasting impression for the visitors on your shows, trade fairs, incentives, events & congresses: With the mobile engraving system we engrave live on-site engravings for your customers and visitors personalized promotional items, souvenirs and giveaways of every kind.

    The visitors create the product completely freely and individually by using a configurator-App on tablet PCs and choose between different fonts, logos and even photos. The desired design is sent to the engraving system and is engraved live before the eyes of the visitors.

    By the use of tablet PCs several visitors are able to design their engravings at the same time. Depending on the engraving article, size and number of the input devices, up to 1000 individual engravings within 8 hours are possible..

    SIGNUU ONEVENT provides you with the opportunity to book a mobile laser unit including specialist staff for trade fairs, events, and incentives or for sales promotion at the point of sales. If desired, the mobile engraving system shines in your personal design and will represents your corporate identity.

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    Gravur Lasergravur Event Terminal


    Your Advantages

    • additional attention and longer resting time through impressive laser engravings at your POI
    • lasting customer experience through active creation process
    • personalized products or giveaways for an increasing customer loyalty
    • patented creation concept for a fast and effective processing of several users at the same time via mobile tablet PCs
    • complete service from the product up to the finished engraving
    • adaptable engraving system to your corporate design


    • increase of sales by customization
    • personalized giveaways as a souvenir from your booth
    • individual presents for your trade fair and conference attendees
    • exceptional experience of live engraving for your staff event
    • christmas gifts with a personal engraving for your christmas party
    • live trophy, award or medal engraving at your award ceremony


    SIGNUU ONEVENT - How it Works

    1. Photographing

    ONEVENT Engraving Terminal - 1. Photographing

    The promoter takes a photo with the tablet. The taken photo is then uploaded in the configurator.

    2. Customizing

    ONEVENT Engraving Terminal - 2. Customizing

    The configurator converts the photo automatically into a black-white graphic, which can be now placed on the object you want to engrave. Additionally, you can add texts, symbols or similar graphics.

    3. Engraving

    ONEVENT Gravurtermninal - 3. Gravieren

    As soon as the visitor has finished the designing, it will be sent via WLAN to the engraving terminal and is ready for engraving.

    4. Ready

    ONEVENT Gravurtermninal - 4. Fertig

    The created design of the visitor is engraved on the product in front of its eyes in a very short time. The visitor can take its individual souvenir directly with them.


    SIGNUU ONEVENT - Get your individual offering

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