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    Laser engraving on metal

    In principle, all types of metal are suitable for laser engraving and enable the representation of even the smallest details. Depending on the material and the engraving method one can archieve different engraving results. Due to the durability and material-saving processing, laser engraving has kept the identity to mark the metals. In order to laser engrave metal fiber laser is used, that modulates the laser light via a mirror system and is suitable for a variety of metals. Through this we can also bring extensive and detailed engravings in the shortest possible time without contact to any of the metal surface. For questions on laser engraving of metal, please use our contact form.



    Armband mit Gravur Plakette mit Gravur Flachmann mit Gravur


    Funtionality for engraving on metal

    Through metal engraving the desired engraving can be archieved either by removal of the material or marking. The material removal can be up to 0.1 mm thin, so sensitive workpieces can be engraved quickly and easily. By annealing which is used for stainless steel, an oxidation is caused on the surface of the material and presents itself as dark to black in color. The material is not removed this way no edges and burrs occur and the properties of stainless steel are retained.

    Anodized aluminium is particularly suitable for laser engraving by CO2 or fibre laser. The colored anodized layer is partially removed by the laser, which usually creates a high contrast white or bright engraving. When engraving anodized aluminium one can display even the grayscale in photos. While engraving lacquered metals by CO2 laser only the painted layer is removed, exposing the underlying metal.


    Graustufen Gravur Aluminium Eloxal Lasergravur Aluminium Visitenkartenetui Lasergravur eloxiertes Aluminium


    Applications for laser engraving on metal

    Thanks to the fast, flexible and precise processing, laser engraving on metals is particularly suitable for industrial product marking and coding. So barcodes, QR codes, serial numbers, etc. can be applied to even the smallest components. Since laser engraving requires no contact with the work piece, even sensitive electronic equipment and products can be labeled by laser engraving.

    In addition, the individualization through laser engraving of mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices is gaining in popularity. In addition to texts, logos, the metal housing can be refined wih personal high quality images with our configurator. Annealing is particularly suitable in medical technology or other hygienic areas because the metal is recolored by targeting heat and thus there is no reces or burr.

    Also jewelry such as rings, pendants or promtional items made out of metal can be transformed into refined unique items. Whether individual pieces or a mass production: there are no limits set to engraving on metal.


    Glücksbringer mit Gravur Lasergravur Anhänger Silber Kompass mit Gravur


    Advantages of laser engraving on metal

    • exact, clean processing and refining metal pieces
    • representation of serial numbers, registration codes etc. even on the smallest components
    • contactless engraving for sensitive electronic products
    • annealing for material-friendly mark free of burrs.