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    Laser engraving & laser cutting of leather

    The laser engraving and laser cutting is perfectly suitable for versatile materials, such as leather. Humans already use this natural, durable and hardwearing textile for thousands of years. With the development of laser technology new and unforseen opportunities to process this material occured. 



    With the help of laser engraving it is now possible to personalize various leather products we use in our daily lifes, such as briefcases, files, wallets, wrist watches, belts and shoes. It is also possible to tailor even filigree cutting patters in a cost-effective and precise way. In the combination of laser cutting and laser engraving we quickly and money saving cuttings of leather products, patches and similar creations. If you have a request concerning individual laser engravings on leather or the production of leather cutting patterns and for any other question, please use our contact form.


    Lasergravur Leder Lasergravur Leder Gravur Leder


    Functionality of laser engraving and laser cutting of leather

    When applying laser engraving to leather, the laser beam produces an increase in temperature above the sublimation temperature of leather. The therefore evaporated leather escapes as smoke and leads the applied warmth away. The surrounding material will only stressed very lightly, which can cause slight discolouration, dependent on kind and thickness of the leather. On the plus side: Through the laser cutting the cutting edges will be sealed immediately and will not become frayed. The laser cutting of leather happens without contact between machine and material. Thus, no pressure marks appear on the leather and even complicated cutting patterns can be realized in a short amount of time.

    With the laser engraving the upper layer of the material will be removed. The result of the leather engraving is dependent of colouring, pretreatment and kind of leather. Besides natural leather and fell many kinds of synthetic leather, such as Clarino or Skai are suitable for laser engraving and laser cutting. 


    LLederarmband mit Gravur Lasergravur Kunstleder Lasergravur auf Kuhfell


    Applications for laser engraving and laser cutting of leather

    The laser engraving is suitable for the personalization of every leather product. All kinds of motifs can be realized, no matter if letterings, logos or elaborate designs. The laser cutting can be used to produce leather cutting patterns for accessories, shoes, decorational ornaments or labels.

    Advantages of laser engraving and laser cutting of leather

    • quick, easy and contactless processing for tailored products
    • precise and clean cuttings
    • no fraying due to sealed cutting edges
    • more durable than printing