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    Laser engravings

    Laser engravings

    Laser engraving is a fast and high-quality possibility to mark different materials and products. An intensive laser beam applies the engraving on the material through a specifically controlled removal of material. In contrast to a mechanical engraving the laser engraving works without having actual contact between material and machine. That is a huge advantage when working with very sensitve products and materials.



    By applying the method of laser engraving the upper layer of the material is heated up and evaporates immediately. The surrounding material will not be damaged. That makes it possible to even engrave highly flammable materials such as paper. Dependent on the material, different effects can occur. By removing the material dark deepenings appear on wood or leather. With jewellry and metal products there are different results possible, depending on the lower layer of the product. Glass gets a nice white engraving. When the engraved glass is filled, you will get an even better contrast. By engraving acrylic products very different results are possible, always depending on the underlaying surface. 

    Stainless steel can be processed by applying laser annealing without removing any material. Laser annealing is a surface heat-tempering mark. By applying laser annealing to synthetic materials a noticable colour change occurs. Design your desired laser engraving for the products in our engraving shop or contact us us directly. 

    Anlassgravur Edelstahl Lasergravur auf Kunststoff Lasergravur Glas

    Personalization with laser engraving

    With laser engraving SIGNUU creates a new generation of personalized products. Different materials and shapes can be processed with laser engraving. In a few seconds we can engrave photos on glasses, engrave poems on apples or create leather belts or wooden jewellry. The possibilities are almost limitless. Just use your imagination to create your unique individual products.

    Advantages of laser engraving

    In contrast to the mechanical engraving laser engraving offers many advantages: A laser engraving is absolutely sharply contoured, precise to the smallest detail and it is always possible to exactly reproduce every single engraving. Laser engraving has several advantages in contrast to imprinting: A laser engraving is as durable as the engraved material and cannot be scratched off. It is also an environmentally friendly and chemical free process. Furthermore, SIGNUU supports environmentally sustainability by exclusively using green electricity. Hence, we engrave your unusual products and promotional gifts by using a very environmentally friendly method.

    We offer the laser engraving of even small quantities and individual pieces to fair prices. We deliver your engraved products within a few days to many European countries. Let us show you the various possibilites of laser engraving on our website. You can find information about different materials that we engrave and get an impression of the possibilites we can offer you for several materials.

    Lasergravur Apfel Lasergravur auf Holz Lasergravur auf Stein