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    Laser cutting

    Laser cutting

    In laser cutting, the material is cut by spot heating using a powerful laser beam. The laser beam produces a temperature rise above the sublimation temperature of the material of intersection. The evaporating material comes directly from the smoke, witout passing the rise in temperature to the surrounding material. Laser cutting thus produces very clean cut edges: wood cut outs do not get annoying chips, leather and textiles do not fray and acrylic gets crystal clear cut edges. However through the emanating gas some materials develop darker edges.



    Personalizing with laser cutting

    Laser cutting is suitable for a wide range of materials and applications, already starting in small quantaties. Both coarse and very fine structures can be cut out by laser cutting. SIGNUU cuts from small to large architectual model letters for the advertising industry almost from any material. The are no limits set to the possibilities.

    Laserschneiden Holz Laserschneiden Acryl Laserschneiden Papier

    Advantages of laser cutting

    Thanks to the high flexibility of the laser, SIGNUU can offer fair prices for individual items or small quantaties which are calculated only from the necessary laser time. The cutting result is always accurate and does not require any special post-processing.Through the non contact laser method the material can not slip and there is no unsightly damage done. Due to the narrow edges sections can be placed very close to each other. Through this there is no wasted material and the available space is optimally utilized.