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    The SIGNUU engraving-configurator


    How it works:


    Create your own style!

    With the help of our style-configurator you can easily and individually create your own engraving designs. Just choose a product from our online shop, style it with your own photos, images or text and add it to your shopping basket.

    Many products in our online shop have more than one engraving areas. You can either choose which area you want to personalize with an engraving or simply design all areas.


    The images you want to engrave are presented as they will actually appear on your product. Pictures, that you upload are automatically converted for the engraving. Therefore, you are always in control over how your final product will look like with your engraving.


    Our configurator always shows you the current price of your creation, which is dependent on the type of product and the size of the engraving areas. You can look up our price list to see how we calculate our prices for engravings.


    Individual styling!

    You already have an item at home that you want to individualize with a personal engraving? Then all you have to do is take a picture of your object, showing the surface areas you want us to engrave. UpIoad the picture/s in our configurator and design your product with your personal engraving.

    Just check out our configurator and design your own individual product!

    Your SIGNUU Team



    Tutorial Videos:

    Design Pictures

    Design Motives

    Design Text