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    Laser engraving on glass

    Laser engraving on glass offers a variety of design options. Thus, even very small photos, graphics, and logos are engraved directly on wine glasses, beer glasses, bottles, mirrors or glass.



    Functionality of laser engraving on glass

    In contrast to sandblasting with laser engraving the templates can be dispensed. By means of laser engraving the glass surface is easily worn and abraded. The resulted engraving will have a milk-like whitish or frosted appearance. This also allows precise details to be optimally displayed on the glass without affecting the stability of the glass. Using the rotary engraving attachment, it is possible to engrave circumferential text and graphics on glass jars and bottles. In the circumferential engraving the bottle or the glass is automatically rotated during the engraving so that the entire perimeter of the object can be used. The vitreous must not be cylindrical, conical objecs can be engraved all round as well. Laser cutting of glass and engraving on the inside is not possible.


    Lasergravur Glas Lasegravur Glas Rundgravur Glas


    Application of laser engraving of glass

    Laser engraving on glass is suitable for any occasion. Wine or champagne bottles refined with congratulations are always an exeptional and unique gift for a wedding or anniverary. Engraved illustrations of logos on glasses and bottles are always a highlight for coporate events, caterings or a promotional gift set. A laser engraved mirror is always eye-catching in the domestic as well as in the commercial sector. This is archieved through the removal of the mirror film and an extra effect can be added in many ways by a backlight or a subsequent application of paint. You can send us individual questions on the topic of glass engraving via our contact form.

    Advantages of laser engraving on glass:

    • precise and quick engraving without templates
    • possibilities of rotary engravings for bottles and glasses
    • non-contact laser engraving prevents tension in the glass and minimizes breakage