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    Laser cutting of foils

    The laser cutting of thin foil shows excellent results, which cannot be reproduced with any other processing method. Filigree cut foils are for example used for the production of conductor boards or keyboards. But also simple templates can be produced with laser cutting in a quick and inexpensive way and even with the finest details.



    Functioning of laser cutting of foils

    Laser technlology is perfectly suitable for cutting thin foil. The laser will cut the foil very quick and precise without coming in contact with the material. The selective heatening of the product results in clear and sealed cutting edges without burr or branding tracks. The functioning of the laser can realize tiniest cutting radiuses and elaborate forms. The selective heating melts the material on the cutting edges, whereby clean cutting edges are produced without any branding tracks. With the non-contact laser cutting it is possible to cut several foils in one process, whereby money and energy is saved.

    Advantages of laser engraving and laser cutting of foils

    • non-contact cutting without damages
    • perfect cutting edges without burrs or paint chips
    • simultaneous processing of several foils on top of each other