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    Laser engraving & laser cutting of felt

    Felt fabrics are produced and processed by humans since the Neolithic Age (5000-2000 BC). The appearance of laser technology and laser engraving however, offers many new and different opportunities to process felt. Laser engraving and laser cutting are very easy and quick processes to produce cuttings of felt for cloths or key chains and also for burning visible engravings into the felt fabric. We only process synthetic felt fabrics because the laser cutting and engraving of woolfelt causes burned cut edges and strong smoke development. For further questions please contact us.



    Functioning of laser engraving and cutting of felt fabrics

    The laser cutting of felt is a process, where the felt will not be touched by the machine. Therefore, the felt will not be damaged or  warped. With that technique also complicated cuttings are easy to realize. The laser beam heats up the felt on the cutting point with such a high temperature, that the heat is transformed into smoke and be leaded away. With that the surrounding material will not be damaged. As a result you will get a clean and perfectly sealed edge. 

    With the laser engraving the surface material will be removed and at the same time sealed due to the heating. With that a noticeable deepening occurs, that is slightly darker than the unprocessed material. While felt fabrics made of synthetic fibre can be processed very nicely, we do not engrave or cut wool felt because of the strong odour development and burned cutting edges.

                                                         Laserschneiden FilzLasergravur Filz


    Applications for laser engraving and laser cutting of felt fabrics

    The laser cutting of felt is great for creating elaborate cutting patterns, key pendants and applications. In combination with the laser engraving we create individual products in a quick and cost-efficient was.

    • contactless cuttings without slipping and tearing
    • lint-free and sealed cuttting edges
    • fast, precise processing of various materials