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    Individual Cut outs for Business Clients

    Custom made offers for Business Clients

    Are you a Designer, Architect, or Exhibition stand builder or just developing a new product? Then take advantage of our most favorable conditions for business clients with laser cut outs of any kind. Depending on the amount, material and size of the required cuts and engraving we will create your personal offer.

    Laser cutting for Architects

    Models in architectual construction often consist of a variety of materials and high standards are set for the quality of workmanship and the level of detail of each item. By laser cutting and laser engraving we will convert your templates 1:1. In contrast to manual manufacturing a lot of time is saved and one gets absolutely precise cuts, which no longer need to be reworked.

    Cutting acrylic with the laser provides crystal clear cut edges. Wood is cut chip free and does not need to be sanded. As a result, the costs are reduced of your competition and presentation models. We can manufacture even complicated and delicate shapes from materials such as wood, PMMA, acrylic, cardboard or films. Of course, we also engrave your selected materials to simulate different building stuctures.

    Brückenmodell aus 3mm Buchensperrholz Laserschneiden 10 mm Acryl Laserschneiden Architekturmodell

    Laser cutting for Designers

    The laser processing significally simplifies the work of creative designers from every industry. Furniture manufacturers with an unique interior design ideas get example blanks for detailed marquetry, textile, leather cuts and engraving on almost any surface. Even fashion designers benefit from the non contact laser processing in the implemenation of small patterns on delicate fabrics, felt or leather. Small engravings on metal or pieces of leather enhance the branding of your fashion or jewelry collection. We help you with the inexpensive and fast realization of your design ideas, whether you want to develop a new prototype, produce small series or need assistance in mass production.

    Laserschneiden in 1200 x 700 mm Laserschneiden und Lasergravur von Leder Lasergravur Knöpfe und Karabiner

    Laser cutting for stand builders and advertising agencies

    An extraordinary exhibition stand leaves a lasting impression and remains in the minds of your visitors. With our laser systems we create for you: blanks for models, display stands, letters and signs in almost any size. The non-contact laser processing allows processing of complex structures and unusual materials, so you never have to compromise the design of your exhibit or your advertsing technique.

    Holzschild Lasergravur und Laserschneiden Laserschneiden 8mm Acryl Laserschneiden Holzbuchstaben

    Materials for laser cutting

    We offer a variety of materials that can be cut with the laser in your wished form. Beside raw mateials such as wood, acrylic, felt we also implement your creative ideas. Thanks to many years of experience in the field of laser engraving and laser cutting we offer quality products and materials that have been selected according to the requirements of laser processing. We offer you full support on the processing engraving, expert advise and high-quality product finishing without material risks.

    Engraving and cutting: acrylic, plastics, rubber, cardboard, paper, wood, leather, textiles, felt.

    No cutting possible: Stainless steel, coated metals, anodized aluminum, stone, ceramic, glass.