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    SIGNUU - unique as YOU

    6 Jahre style-ich GmbH!

    Die style-ich GmbH wurde im April des Jahres 2011 von dem Initiator und heutigen Geschäftsführer Sebastian Helmund gegründet. Seitdem ist viel passiert: Unsere Laserfamilie ist gewachsen, die Mitarbeiterzahl gestiegen, die Produktauswahl hat sich vergrößert und unser Service wird stets optimiert. Zudem haben wir im letzten Jahr die Marke SIGNUU gelauncht und der style-ich GmbH somit einen frischen, neuen Auftritt verpasst.

    Mithilfe des flexiblen und vielseitigen Einsatzes von Lasertechnologie haben wir in den letzten 6 Jahren viele Kunden mit originellen Produkten, präzisen Lasergravuren und schnellem Service glücklich machen dürfen, was auch die Bewertungen unser treuen Kunden bestätigen. Vielen Dank dafür und schaut Euch doch am besten gleich mal wieder um in unserem Shop!

    Euer SIGNUU Team
    make it unique.

    5 Jahre style-ich GmbH
    SIGNUU Team
    Euer SIGNUU-Team


    SIGNUU would like to give the opportunity to underline your personality with a product you designed yourself and raise a smile on your friends' face with your own individual present.
    Despite an unique and small batch production, we offer an inexpensive service so that everyone can afford a piece of individualism. And you shall stand in the foreground as the unique individual.

    While using the flexible and multi-functional operations of the laser technology you will experience a new dimension of uniqueness, because SIGNUU brings a totally new breeze into the dismal and standardized product world and makes it to its priority to follow customer requests produced goods, as well as promotional items and gifts.


    • Our business is individuality and you, as the individual take the center stage.
    • You should be thrilled to see the high degree on individualism and the high quality to fair prices.
    • We offer you a piece of unique handicraft, which we prepare (for dispatch) according to your requirements within shortest time.
    • You should feel the excitement of the simple and intuitive configuration of your products outlining your personal life style.
    • Your creativity and individuality is our challenge.

    SIGNUU supports sustained environmental protection and the careful use of naturel resources. In addition, we plead for generating new jobs, with a fair payment, good working conditions and were a friendly working environment shall be ensured all the time.


    SIGNUU Logo
    style-ich Logo


    SIGNUU [saɪnju:] SIGNUU is a brand of the style-ich GmbH and a combination of the English words SIGN and YOU (abbr. as U). The meaning of the brand thus lies in `notch, sign or burn in`, in which the focus lies on the uniqueness, expressed by the double usage of the letter U. SIGNUU stands for the entire range of service of the style-ich GmbH in the field of individualizing products through laser engraving.

    As a supplier of high-quality gifts with engraving and individual laser cutting from different sheet materials, we can offer you a flexible service and can find a solution for any of your ideas.

    At SIGNUU you can find high-class gifts of known manufacturer and creative in-house developments of style-ich and our partners, who you can burn in your individual sign by using our configurator. You can get the perfect present for any occasion, for any person.

    Besides laser engraving we can also supply laser cuttings from various materials and are available for your personal laser cutting at any time.

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    SIGNUU - Sebastian Helmund
    Sebastian Helmund
    SIGNUU - Michael Barton
    Michael Barton
    Human Ressources & Administration
    SIGNUU - Steffen Nowak
    Steffen Nowak
    Online Marketing
    SIGNUU - Juliane Langer
    Juliane Langer
    Communikation & Development
    SIGNUU - Friedrich Schein
    Friedrich Schein
    Production- & Process Optimization

    We are a young and creative team, growing with our tasks. In your challenges we see new opportunities to take advantage of. With new ideas, implemented in high quality, we want to inspire and enthuse you.

    Your SIGNUU Team.

    make it unique.